Lincoln Motor Company

Lincoln Motor Company x Vimeo x Judith Veenendaal.

"Immersion. It’s a sensory experience that washes over you; the feeling of being taken over and inspired simultaneously. Presented in collaboration with filmmaker Judith Veenendaal”.

A short video for the new Lincoln MKX Campaign #TheFeelingStays.

Client: Lincoln
Agency: Hudson Rouge
Producer: Sylvia van Elmpt
Director: Judith Veenendaal
DOP: Noel Schoolderman
Music: GOSTO


A visual poem.

Directed by: Judith Veenendaal
Director of photography: Noel Schoolderman
Written and spoken by Johnny B.A.N.G. Reilly
Music composer: Adam Taylor

Focus Puller: Alyssa van Veen
Production / 1st AD: Hidde Koppen
Production Assistent: Tom Knol
Art Direction: Arion de Munck en Mark Ridder (Kleurbleur)

Sounddesign: Adrian Vrijhoef en Daniel Sillem (Kloaq)
Voice over recording: Carlos Dalla-Fiore (De zwarte molen)

Edit: Judith Veenendaal & Noel Schoolderman
Grading: George Balatoni (Hectic Electric)
VFX: Dave de Vaal

Special Thanks:
Reefiel & Meredith, Guillaume Callender,, Circus Family, Tim Keen, Tom Galesloot, Youssef Oul-Hadj, Mieke Senden, Hectic Electric.


Still life in Prague.
I think Edward Hopper was here.


Full Crate x Mar is the fresh Amsterdam duo focusing on progressive electronic music from r&b to deephouse.

Starting with the release of their critically acclaimed "Conversations With Her" EP in 2010, the Amsterdam based duo have worked and performed around the world with renowned artists like Erykah Badu, Snakehips, Mark Pritchard and Ill Blu.

After releasing solo projects (Full Crate's Golden Glasses & Mar's Seeing Her Naked and Form EP), the duo set focus again on a collaborative period. This first resulted in the online hitsong Man x Woman that reached millions listeners worldwide. Man x Woman was the first in a string of singles that will be released in 2014.

Video directed by Ruben van Leer & Judith Veenendaal.
June 16th 2014, Premiered by Complex Magazine


I'm currently working on a new excited (art direction) project called Symmetry. A film by Ruben van Leer starring choreographer Lukas Timulak (NDT) and Soprano Claron McFadden. Premiere March 14th - Eye Film Museum.

Symmetry is a 20-minute sci-fi dance & opera film, in which CERN-researcher Lukas is thrown off balance while working on the theory of everything and the smallest particle. Through Claron's singing he rediscovers love, on an endless expanse of ice. She takes him along to a space before the Big Bang, when time didn’t exist; a love with no end.

Artistic team
Written & directed by: Ruben van Leer
Choreographer & dancer: Lukas Timulak
Soprano: Claron McFadden
Director or photography: Paul Ozgur
Composer: Joep Franssens & Henry Vega
Libretto: Stan Lapinski
Dramaturgist: Martin Butler
Data cloud: OnFormative
VFX & design: Tom Geraedts
Costume design: Anne de Grijff
Art Direction: Judith Veenendaal
Production Design: Barnaby Monk
Production: CTM Pictures, NTR and TRUTH.IO


Stills from the Man x Woman video by Full Crate x Mar. Video directed by Ruben van Leer & Judith Veenendaal.
June 16th 2014, Premiered by Complex Magazine


Stills from my upcoming project "Nostalgia".
A collaboration with Noel Schoolderman.

Coming Soon..


I'm currently working on a commercial for one of my
favorite hotels: CitizenM. Stay tuned.

"A collection of innovative concept, citizenM is a hotel driven by one desire: to create affordable luxury for the people. By "the people," we mean a smart new breed of international traveler, the type who crosses continents the way others cross streets. This includes the weekenders, the suits, fashion baggers and affair havers. The explorers, adventurers and dreamers. Those who travel the world with big hearts and wide eyes. Those who are independent, yet united by a love of the five continents. Those in search of business, shopping or art. In short, everyone who is a mobile citizen of the world. Most likely, that also means you."

Photo: Quincy, The Traveller